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kel [userpic]
by kel (kelicious)
at April 24th, 2003 (10:13 am)

Hey ladies,

Sickkittens.com will be adding only the finest emo, punk, and goth models from all over the U.S. This site is 100% real. We only interview and follow through on sites with 100% legit emo/punk/goth girls. No fake models in random clothing/makeup who pretend to be "underground".

We are located in both Providence, RI and Seattle, WA. If you are in or near these two cities, email models@sickkittens.com if you would like to model and appear on Sickkittens.com. If you are not near these two cities, you can still appear on our site. If this is the case please let us know where you are from and we will explain furthor details through email or phone.

All model inquiries please email images in .jpg or .gif format to models@sickkittens.com along with your name, age, and location.

Thanks! Kelly